Friday, March 21, 2014

Help! I need to loose my teeth for a AG Doll!!!!

Literally! I have three teeth that I need to loose. And if I loose the three in one week, my mom will buy me AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!!!! Or, if I loose them in two weeks, she will get me three AG doll outfits! So I need your help! Do you guys know any quick and not to painful ways to loose not-loose teeth? Thanks guys! :) Wish me luck!



  1. Hi sister! :D Remember I pulled that floss that was tied to your tooth? We could try that! :) Although, I will admit that it must've been VERY painful! lol

  2. Honestly, you won't find one :( The least painful way is to go to the dentist; they've had to rip out several of my non-loose teeth.

    But I must ask, what spurred on this deal?

    1. I have to loose these three teeth because my grown up teeth are growing over them! (And it was my mom's idea!)

  3. Oof! Good luck!
    -Trinity from

  4. When I lost teeth I once bit a apple and. The tooh came put. Eat crunchy hard foods like apples and a loose tooth might come out. Also when I had losse teeth i pull the tooth out completly. Yes it does leave abloody mess if you pull your teeth out, but it works.

  5. Hi everyone i lost another tooth! one step closer to a AG doll!

    -Heidi- :D