Meet The Dolls

Here are all of my AG dolls for now!

Name: Caroline abbot 


Fav Food: Pumpkin pie

 Fav Color: Pink

Hobbies: Boat ridding, writing books and baking.

Notes: As much as she loves to bake she rather go for a swim or a boat ride.

Name: Robin

Age: 13

Fav food: pizza

Fav color: green

Hobbies: skateboarding, B-ball

Notes: How I made him is I have a bitty baby that
I no longer play with so I took Kirsten head and the baby's head
and put it on her old body!

Name: Morgan

Age: 13

Fav food: Cookies

Fav color: Pink

Hobbies: Cooking, Playing music, Karaoke 

Notes: I love her hair because it is very 
easy to take care of! 


Name: Kaya

Age: 12

Fav food: Blue Berries 

Fav color: Blue

Hobbies: Ridding, Baking and Archery 

Notes: Her hair is hard to take care of because it is very very thick and long! 

Name: Kit 

Age: 13

Fav food: Pie

Fav color: Green

Hobbies: Riding my scooter, and taking walks

Notes: Kit is VERY crazy and is our most hyper doll! 

Name: Grace

Age: 14

Fav food: Chicken Pot Pie

Fav color: Purple

Hobbies: Dancing, Cheerleading and Singing

Notes: She actually has blue eyes and freckles. My sister got her when she was a little girl so she's a bit older.

Name: Julie

Age: 12

Fav food: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fav color: Teal

Hobbies: Recycling, Horseback Riding and Basketball

Notes: Her brother is Robin.